I am looking for a new position in the Corporate Learning field or other topics. See my spark in German for more information. (Best viewed on a bigger screen than a smartphone).

CV in German for download (pdf)

Looking back

As a child I wanted to be a Clown, as an adolescent a graphic designer and actually I wanted to study Archaelogy.

Today I have long experiences in Corporate Learning, (e-)learning and the topics of the future of working and learning.

My own education brought me certificates as

and still I became a bit clown, graphic designer and archaelogist: look closely, discover beauty, remove layers and enjoy people around me having fun and being happy. I learnt, that with respect toward one self and the environment – almost everything is possible.

Some of my other interests are nature (dreamfalcon blog) in all its variety and photography.

Former Projects

The Tree Year - Project 2011
road 2 work - walking from Zurich to Lucerne 2009-2010