Action Learning

Having made my training to become an Action Learning Facilitator in July 2013, I learnt how important it is to ask questions.
I really like the Action Learning approach: learning through doing (action) and reflecting.
There are many fields where it is absolutely important, that people would take their time to ask questions. Put the answers into action and reflect the results. That's the way we can learn and come up with fresh solutions.

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Info-Workshop on July 9th in Zürich (in German)

Answers and Questions

Do you remember the game "Jeopardy"? The answer was given and you had to ask the question.
In real life questions come first sand then the answers. The answer therefor is sort of looking backward, answering a question "from the past".
If we want to have solutions or approaches for new situations, we cannot use the existing answers. We have to ask new questions or ask the questions again in the new situation.
The questions are the well for new answers and solutions.

Do you remember a really good question? A question that caused something, brought you new insight?

I'm looking forward to your contribution.
Your entry is anonymous (if you don't write your name). I might publish the question here.

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