Active Learning

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As part of the MOOC E-learning ecologies I want to give an example of active learning.

The liberating structure methods. Those collection of methods are activiating everyone, because everyone has to participate. They are - as the name suggests - very structured in process and time. Actually it is a collection of mostly known methods. Known as in „nothing new“/„have been around for some time“. The original concept is that they are all done in person, in the same room at the same time. It becomes even more interesting when we try to do them online. This is being done and some of them work very well i.e. over a webconference. Maybe I should also give some thoughts to asynchronous possibilities with an online pin board like Padlet or online documents like or etherpad, even a forum. The online part becomes easier since it it not restricted to text, but also speech and drawings.

The clear structure and timing that involves everyone of the group makes those methods very partizipatory and since the questions are always open, it is per se active. It is not about memorizing knowledge but about your own thoughts, exchanging ideas, reflecting, getting help or planning something.