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Meine Gedanken zu TwitterChats für den Kurs E-learning ecologies:

Last week I participated in an educational social media event: a chat on Twitter with the hashtag #clchatde (Corporate Learning Chat in German). The idea of a twitterchat is, that a group or organization asks questions on twitter at a predefined time. Questions are marked with Q1, Q2 and so on and are posted some minutes apart. The answers then start with A1 or accordingly to the questions number. Both posts have the same hashtag of course, so they can be found easily or even displayed on a twitter wall. A participated in that twitter chat simultaneously: Sitting in front of a screen, waiting for the questions, answering and reading the answers of the others. Since Q and A are on an open platform like twitter, questions can of course also be answered later and the whole chat is accessible for everyone. For me twitter chats are about community, inspiration (reading the answers of the other participants) and reflection (thinking about the questions and answering them). Doing a quick search about „edchats“ on the internet just showed me to interesting articles: